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The Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT) Community Site is a place for students to showcase their work using various web tools.

Final Product after Spring '09

The CSDT Community website is a place for teachers to create “classroom” groups for students to share the work they’ve created using the CSDT website. Teachers may create public groups for anyone to join (though must be approved by the teacher first) or private groups in which the teacher must give each student explicit access. Private means no one can “ask” for access to the group within the community site. Students may post created work into any classroom group they are a member of. The goal was to also allow students to set anything uploaded as “public,” meaning that it would go into a public group as well that would be accessible by everyone. However there was a bug in the “Organic Groups” module that when a post is designated as “public” it won’t be considered public unless it is also posted in another group as well. This means that anonymous users can’t just post content for the public like originally intended. They must first create an account and also be a member of some group.
Administrators can choose which images appear on the front page by going into the particular uploaded design and editing it to be “promoted to front page.” Administrators must also handle all teacher requests. For instance, if a teacher signs up for the site and wishes to create a group, her account must first be given the role of teacher. The admin must do this because by default, accounts are set as student when created since there is no way to distinguish between a new student or teacher account be created (we don’t want students pretending to be teachers).